Chippewa-Eau Claire Metropolitan Planning Organization  


The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) was designated on November 2, 1982, by the Wisconsin Secretary of Transportation on behalf of the Governor and is organized pursuant to Sections 62.11(5), 60.28(41), 59.97(1), and 16.54(6) of the Wisconsin State Statutes. The MPO also acts as the local policy advisory committee pursuant to Section NR 121.05(1)(g)4.b. of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.


The purpose of the MPO is to carry out a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive urban transportation planning process that results in plans and programs consistent with the comprehensively planned development of the Eau Claire Urbanized area and thereby satisfies the conditions necessary for the receipt of federal transportation funding for capital, operating, and planning assistance.

The MPO also assists the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in the development of the municipal point source element of the State’s Areawide Water Quality Management Plan and acts in an advisory role to the Department in matters concerning the implementation of the plan.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
The TAC is made up of technical staff representatives from the member entities and makes recommendations to the MPO Council on technical matters. Meetings are held at the WCWRPC offices at 1:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Below is the tentative meeting schedule for 2019.


January 16, 2019

August 14, 2019

April 17, 2019

September 11, 2019


MPO Council
MPO Council is the policy board for the MPO, made up of elected officials from the member communities. Meetings are held at the WCWRPC offices at 7:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Below is the tentative meeting schedule for 2019.

January 30, 2019

August 28, 2019

May 1, 2019

October 2, 2019


Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
The TIP is a document that lists all state and federally funded transportation projects within the urbanized area for a five-year period. A new TIP is published by the MPO every two years (odd years) and is amended as needed over the life of the document. A draft of each new TIP, as well as major amendments, including new projects and significant changes to projects already in the TIP, are noticed for public review and displayed on this page (below). Anyone wishing to comment on the TIP or amendments to the document is welcome to do so by any of the methods listed below.


Transportation Improvement Program 2018-2022

TIP 1822 Public Notice

TIP 2018 - 2022, as amended May 5, 2018



TIP Amendments

Public Notice 10

Amendment 10

Public Notice 8 & 9

Amendment 8

Amendment 9

Public Notice 7

Amendment 7

Public Notice 6

Amendment 6

Public Notice 4 & 5

Amendment 4

Amendment 5

Public Notice 2 & 3

Amendment 2

Amendment 3

Public Notice 1

Amendment 1


Long Range Transportation Plan for the Chippewa-Eau Claire Urbanized Area (LRP)
The LRP is a multi-modal transportation plan for the urbanized area with a planning horizon of at least 20 years into the future. The plan documents existing conditions of the highway, bicycle, pedestrian, transit, rail, air, and freight modes in the area; establishes goals and objectives; examines system deficiencies; and recommends improvements for each mode over the next 20+ years.

The chapters for the currently adopted plan are listed and linked below:



Long Range Transportation Plan UPDATE, 2015 – 2045 

Complete Chippewa-Eau Claire Long Range Transportation Plan


Cover and Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter I - Introduction
Chapter II – Socio Economic Characteristics
Chapter III – Land Use Patterns and Development Trends
Chapter IV – The Chippewa-Eau Claire Transportation System

Chapter V – Transportation System Deficiencies 

Chapter VI – Goals and Objectives
Chapter VII – Transportation System Improvement Recommendations

Chapter VIII – System Environmental Review and Mitigation Strategies

Chapter IX – System Performance Indicators and Base Data

Chapter X – Financial Plan for Implementation of the Long Range Transportation Plan


Appendix A – Public Involvement Opportunities Documentation

Appendix B – Environmental Consultation Documentation

Appendix C – Travel Demand Model Input

Appendix D – Transportation Model Output

Appendix E – Applicable Statutes and Regulations

Appendix F – WisDNR Guidance for Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Appendix G – Street & Highway Preservation Needs Cost Estimating Methodology

Appendix H - Public Online Survey Results

Appendix I - Public Input Meeting Comments



SAFETEA-LU Compliance Supplement to the Long Range Transportation Plan for the Chippewa-Eau Claire Metropolitan Planning Area


Updates to the plan are required every five years. Portions of the draft plans are made available on this page for public review. When updates are in progress, comments can be directed to Ann Schell (see below for contact information).


Metropolitan Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
The MPO worked with an advisory team of local leaders to develop a bicycle and pedestrian plan to help guide efforts to improve walking and biking in the Metropolitan Planning Area over the next 10 years. Through discussion with the advisory team, research and analysis on existing conditions, and public engagement, recommendations were developed. The MPO will work with local governments to implement recommendations from the plan.


The plan is available for download below in pdf format. The document has bookmarks of the chapters and links from the Table of Contents to each of the items listed.


Contact Jason Duba, Assistant Transportation Planner, with questions or comments:, 715-836-2918 Ext.15.




Metropolitan Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan



Other MPO Business



2019 Urban Transportation Planning Work Program for the Eau Claire Urbanized Area

Map 1  – MPO Boundaries


Title VI Plan  Language Assistance Plan and Public Participation Plan

(adopted October 8, 2014)
as revised May, 2016 - Public Participation Plan only)
(as updated October 11, 2017 - Title VI and Language Assistance plans)


 Notifying the Public of Rights Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act



2018 List of Obligated Projects for the Chippewa-Eau Claire Metropolitan Planning Area


The contact for MPO matters is: Ann Schell