Economic Development District  

In March 1980, the West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission was designated as an Economic Development District by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
  This designation allows WCWRPC to receive EDA funding to conduct economic development activities throughout the region.  As part of this function, staff annually updates the Comprehensive Economic Development CEDS CoverStrategy (CEDS).  This document analyzes the “state of the region” and recommends programs and projects to improve the economic development of the region. The 2015 CEDS Update was recently completed by the staff. Click here to have a look at economic conditions of the region.

Funding from EDA is also used to assist municipalities in project consultation, preparing grant applications, and administering awarded contracts.  Over the past 30 years, WCWRPC has helped its partners leverage over $17 million in EDA funding, resulting in the creation of an estimated 7,700 jobs and securing private investment of over $200 million. 

For a current economic snapshot (3rd quarter 2015) of the region and its counties, see the latest EMSI (Economic Modeling Specialists International) reports prepared by WCWRPC staff.

  West Central Wisconsin Regional EMSI Report

  Individual county EMSI reports are available for:

The contact for this service area is:  Craig Johnson