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Hazard Mitigation Planning

WCWRPC is west central Wisconsin’s leader in helping our counties and communities to mitigate hazard threats and bring stakeholders together to prepare for emergencies and disasters.  We have a robust understanding of the hazards facing our region and have developed strong relationships with county emergency management offices and other public and private stakeholders to excel in this support and advocacy role. 

WCWRPC has developed hazard mitigation plans for each county within our region as a prerequisite for FEMA mitigation grant funding.  We have coordinated long-term power outage preparedness, wildfire protection planning, and interoperability communications planning efforts.  And we have accomplished a variety of related projects, such as assisting with the start-up of Disaster Ready Chippewa Valley, Inc. and the creation of a continuity of operations plan model for small businesses.

Project Types

  • Hazard mitigation plans, projects, and grants

  • Community wildfire protection planning 

  • Interoperability communications planning 

  • Continuity of operations planning 

  • Related studies and regulatory measures 

  • Public-private partnerships and intergovernmental coordination 

  • Advocacy and technical support for local mitigation and preparedness efforts 

  • Suitability analysis 

  • 3D modeling and analysis

  • Density and surface studies 

  • Scenario visualization and trend analysis

For more information, please call or e-mail:

Chris Straight

Senior Planner

Tel:715-836-2918 Ext. 16


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